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Signal Service - MLA Swissy

MLA Swissy is a manual intra-day trading strategy exclusively developed for the EUR/CHF currency pair. The number of simultaneously open trades is limited to 4 with an SL of 90 pips each. A drawdown of 10% should be expected.

The trader uses a third party service provider to provide trading signals. Trading signals are either copied using an Expert Advisor and therefore requiring the client to set up and maintain an MT4 installation. Alternatively the client can provide their trading account details to the service provider and the trades will be copied directly on the service provider's servers.

Target return

3% - 5% per month

Recommended minimum deposit

USD 3,000


Subscription fees for new clients are adjusted on a monthly basis based on the performance of the previous month. The fee for existing clients does not change.

MLA Swissy - monthly fees

Live performance

The performance of MLA Swissy is demonstrated, as follows, on the traders Global Prime master account.


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