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Digital Derivatives Markets, or short DDMarkets, provide manual trading signals for a wide variety of trading instruments, e.g. Forex, commodities, shares and indices as well as binary options.

Several subscription options for the single trading instruments covering time periods from 7 to 30 days are available. Unlike many other signal providers DDMarkets explain the reasoning behind all trades in detail. These detailed explanations even go back more than a year for traders to analyse.

The trading frequency of the mainly mid to long-term oriented strategies is rather low as only signals with a high probability of success are communicated. A weekly market update covering the general markets environment and indicating potential upcoming trading options is also published.

Target return

Given the different trading instruments it is not possible to announce a target return.

Recommended minimum deposit

USD 2,000


Fees vary depending on subscription period and asset class and range from USD 41.40 (binary options for 14 days) and USD 77.40 (global trade signals for 30 days).

Live Performance

As an example the monthly performance of the DDMarkets forex strategy is shown below.

Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Sum
2014 n/a n/a n/a n/a +285 +196 +291 +137 -452 -60 +407 -68 +736
2015 +328 +180 +302 +1,502 +961 +523 +639 +1,071 +786 +435 +481 +434 +7,642
2016 n/a n/a -93 +1,219 +1,041 +149 +1,190 +521 -373 +303 -203 +856 +1,126


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