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Managed Accounts - DOOR

DOOR is the abbreviation for Daily Optimized Open Range, the trading strategy is exclusively available at the broker FXPIG.

Trading strategy

The DOOR trading strategy analysis the market and the daily trading range for several currency pairs to identify and utilise minor intra-day reversals. Additionally prevailing market cycles are analysed as well to verify trading signals.

The performance of the DOOR strategy is demonstrated as follows. The first chart shows a live account which is currently closed for new investors due to the size if the account. New investor might still be able to join when existing investors leave, but this is at the sole discretion of the broker. The second chart shows a new account which was opened in 2014. This account uses a very similar strategy but trades on a different price feed.

Target return

5% per month.

Minimum deposit

USD 5,000

Available brokers



Management fee


Transaction fee

FXPIG standard commission of USD 5.80 per 100k USD traded (round-turn).

Performance Fee

30% | High Water Mark



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