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Forex Broker - TradeFort

TradeFort was founded in 2010 and belongs to the international One Vector Group Inc.


Market Maker / STP

Financial market supervision

TradeFort is neither regulated nor supervised by any financial market authority.

Protection of deposits

TradeFort doesn't make any statement regarding protection of deposits. Given that the broker is not regulated the existence of any form of protection shouldn't be expected.

Segregation of clients' funds

There is no indication for any segregation of clients' funds.

Customer support

Customer support is available primarily in English.

Account opening

The opening of an account doesn't require any documents, however, unless the account is approved; not all features are available or have limited access only. Account approval requires a proof of identity (personal ID or passport) and a proof of address (account or credit card statement, utility bill). Documents can be scanned in and uploaded in the customer area.

The opening of additional accounts and funds transfers between existing accounts can be done online as soon as the main account has been approved.

Deposits on a customer account are possible by bank transfer (2-3 business days), by credit card (online, within a few minutes) or by a variety of online payment services, e.g. Moneybookers (online, within a few minutes). Pay-outs have to use the same payment method as incoming payments, thus funding via credit card and withdrawal via bank account is not possible. Pay-outs to third parties are not permitted.

Liquidity provider

TradeFort has direct business relations with a number of liquidity providers, at the moment these are Deutsche Bank, Barclays, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, UBS, Merrill Lynch and Credit Suisse.

Server location

TradeFort's servers are located in Russia.

Server time

Summer time: GMT+3
Winter time: GMT+2

Account parameters

Fort account Flex account Pro account
Spreads: fixed, starting from 2.0 pips variable, starting from 1.3 pips variable, starting from 0.1 pips
Currency pairs: 32 32, gold, silver, CFDs 32, gold, silver, CFDs
Decimal places: four, accuracy 1.0 pips five, accuracy 0.1 pips five, accuracy 0.1 pips
Leverage: variable, max. 1:1,000 variable, max. 1:1,000 variable, max. 1:100
Minimum deposit: USD 5 USD 5 USD 500
Minimum contract size: 0.01 Lot 0.01 Lot 0.10 Lot
Account currencies: USD, EUR USD, EUR USD
Commission: n/a n/a USD 9 per round-turn lot


Fort and Flex Accounts can also be opened as Cent Accounts, in this case the value of one lot equals to just 1,000 units of the base currency instead of 100,000 units. These types of accounts are frequently used for the testing of EAs or for grid strategies.



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