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Ray Scalper derives trading signals from the Fibonacci Levels and other indicators. Target values for buy as well as for sales positions are computed every 15 minutes with a time horizon of 12 hours. Is a target value reached, the EA will open a corresponding position.

Take profit and stop loss limits are dynamically calculated based on the volatility, the take profit limit amounts to at least 15 pips. In comparison to other scalpers, this scalper achieves a very good risk reward ratio of 3:1 and a hit ratio of almost 80% when looking at the backtests.

Ray Scalper offers money management, but can also be traded with fixed lots. Only a few input parameters are required which cater for the set up of the multipliers for take profit and stop loss limits as well as trailing stops.

A backtest based Monte-Carlo-Simulation (2009-2013) shows a potential profit ranging between EUR -68.70 and EUR 5,361.78 with an average of EUR 2,899.52 for default settings with a fixed lot size of 0.05, a starting balance of EUR 1,000 and 100,000 iterations. In this case the drawdown to be expected will range between 2.03% and 82.19% averaging at 12.74%. The Value At Risk derived indicates that future drawdowns will not exceed 26.31% at a probability of 95% and 35.53% at a probability of 99%.

Trading strategy


Currency pairs




Trading hours

All sessions.
00:00 - 24:00 GMT


Full licence USD 350 | Monthly subscription USD 50.
Payment through Avangate.
Voucher for a 10% discount: 97935D605F

Return policy

The developers grant no right to return.


The licence is valid for two live and two demo accounts and includes support and updates for one year. Account numbers have to be registered with support to activate trading.


A brief online manual is available after purchase, explaining the installation and set up of Ray Scalper as well as the input parameters.


A fully functional trial version of Ray Scalper is available. The trial version will be deactivated automatically at the end of the 30 day trial period.


Ray Scalper Homepage

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Live performance

The performance of Ray Scalper is demonstrated, as follows, on an exclusive TradeFort Live account as well as on a live account of the developers.


Ray Scalper backtests for the period 2009 - 2013 are shown below.

EUR/USD, spread: 2 pips, risk: 8%

PhiBase Ray Scalper - Backtesting EURUSD 2009 - 2012

EUR/USD, spread: 2 pips, lots: 0.05

PhiBase Ray Scalper - Backtesting EURUSD 2009 - 2013

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