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KeltnerPro is an Expert Advisor that trades based on Keltner Channels which had been originally developed by Chester W. Keltner to trade commodities. According to the developer the strategy has been adjusted and improved for forex trading.

The main strategy is to identify short-term range breakouts and to predict corresponding reversals. KeltnerPro dynamically calculates stop loss and take profit limits based on market conditions and uses a trailing stop to secure profits.

The Expert Advisor can trade with a fixed lot size or a percentage based risk setting. Furthermore, the maximum number of open trades can be set for each currency pair.

Based on the backtests, KeltnerPro reaches a good risk-reward-ratio of about 2:1 whereby the performance increases significantly from 2012 onwards.

Trading strategy

Breakout strategy.

Currency pairs



M5 / M15

Trading hours

All sessions.
00:00 - 24:00 GMT


USD 499 | USD 199 in three monthly instalments.
Payment through ClickBetter.

Return policy

The developer grants an unrestricted right to return within 60 days of purchase which will be paid back through ClickBetter.


The licence is valid for one live or demo account and includes support and upgrades. The licence can be managed in the members area of the developer's website.


A 20-pages manual explains in detail the installation and set up of KeltnerPro as well as the few available input parameters.


KeltnerPro Homepage

Live performance

The performance of KeltnerPro is demonstrated, as follows, on an exclusive Synergy FX live account as well as on a live account of the developer.


KeltnerPro backtests for the period 2009 - 2014 are shown below.

EUR/USD, spread: 2 pips, risk: 0.05

KeltnerPro - Backtesting EURUSD 2009 - 2014

GBP/USD, spread: 2 pips, risk: 0.05

KeltnerPro - Backtesting GBPUSD 2009 - 2014

AUD/USD, spread: 2 pips, risk: 0.05

KeltnerPro - Backtesting AUDUSD 2009 - 2014

USD/CHF, spread: 2 pips, risk: 0.05

KeltnerPro - Backtesting USDCHF 2009 - 2014

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