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Forex Robin VOL is an Expert Advisor which aims to identify and follow trends based on the volatility. Trading signals are generated for the first break-out from an existing trends and also for short term counter movements.

As long as the market environment endorse the original trading signal, the EA will open in its default set-up up to seven further positions in the identified rate direction in order to benefit from this as much as possible. Forex Robin VOL trades only at the end of a time frame period which implies that rate movements within this period will be accounted for only if they are still valid upon expiry of this period. This will help to avoid the creation of wrong signals due to tops, and trading signals will be further verified, however, the responsiveness will be limited during periods of strong rate movements.

The EA's trading parameters can be configured very freely; an adjustment for other time frames and further currency pairs is possible at any time. In addition to the regular money management settings, the lot size can be adapted according to respective prevailing volatility. An option is available to close positions automatically on Friday at the end of trading so that open positions over the weekend are prevented. Stop loss limits and take profit limits are calculated on a dynamic basis and will be adjusted automatically.

The new and revised version Robin VOL 3.0 comes with a portfolio mode that allows the EA to use various different time frames at the same time. The portfolio composition and the EA settings are provided as download on a monthly basis. The files have to be placed in a special directory and are then used automatically.

Forex Robin VOL's Risk-Reward-Ratio achieves a very good result at approx. 1:2; combined with a hit ratio of almost 50% the EA will very likely render positive returns in the medium turn. Nevertheless, periods of losses and sideward movements should be taken into account.

Trading strategy

Trend follower / Volatility breakout

Currency pairs

Miscellaneous - depending on the respective portfolio composition.



Trading hours

All sessions.
00:00 - 24:00 GMT


USD 395 per year.
Payment through Avangate.
Voucher for a 5% discount: FE7CE2FDB7

Return policy

The developer grants an unrestricted right to return within 30 days of purchase which will be paid back through Avangate.


The licence is valid for one computer and thus for an unlimited number of live and demo accounts. The registration key will be sent together with the purchase confirmation. The change of the computer registration is possible.


A 29-pages manual explains in detail the installation and set up of Forex Robin VOL, the input parameters and their impact.


Forex Robin VOL Homepage

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Live performance

The performance of Forex Robin VOL is demonstrated, as follows, on an exclusive IC Markets ECN Live account as well as an account of the developer.


Exemplary Forex Robin VOL 3.0 backtests for the period 2009 - 2016 are shown below. Given that the trading parameters are optimised and updated every month, based on the last ten trading months, the validity of the backtes results for the whole period is limited. This stands out when analysing the whole portfolio which shows constant profits with a drawdown of less than 5% for the period from 2014 onwards.

AUD/USD, years 2009 - 2016, spread: 2 pips, risk: 0.2%

Forex Robin VOL - Backtesting AUDUSD 2009 - 2016

EUR/USD, years 2009 - 2016, spread: 2 pips, risk: 0.2%

Forex Robin VOL - Backtesting EURUSD 2009 - 2016

EUR/JPY, years 2009 - 2016, spread: 2 pips, risk: 0.2%

Forex Robin VOL - Backtesting EURJPY 2009 - 2016

GBP/USD, years 2009 - 2016, spread: 2 pips, risk: 0.2%

Forex Robin VOL - Backtesting GBPUSD 2009 - 2016

Portfolio, years 2009 - 2016, spread: 2 pips, risk: 0.2%

Forex Robin VOL - Backtesting Portfolio 2009 - 2016

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