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Forex Noki is an Expert Advisor following a grid/range strategy on the rarely traded currency pair Norwegian krone / Swedish krona. The strategy is based on the assumption that this currency pair either trades in a tight range or forms a slow but stable trend, both alternatives coming along with a low volatility.

Except for the lot size and an account based stop loss limit none of the trading parameters are visible to the user. In case of substantial changes in market conditions the developers adjust the trading strategy and provide updates for the EA.

Given that Forex Noki doesn't make use of stop loss limits when using default settings, it remains to be seen if an how the EA can manage trend reversals. It should be expected that position remain open for several weeks or even months in such situations.

Trading strategy

Grid/Range strategy

Currency pairs




Trading hours

All sessions.
00:00 - 24:00 GMT


USD 125
Payment through Avangate.
Voucher for a 15% discount: 9B0FBD8670

Return policy

The developers grant a right to return within 30 days of purchase, if the customer can provided an account statement proving that the EA didn't generate any profit within three weeks. The refund will be paid back through Avangate.


The licence is valid for one live or demo account and includes support and upgrades. To activate an account the account number has to be communicated to the support team, the preconfigured EA will then be provided by email.


A 3-pages manual explains the installation and set up of Forex Noki.


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Live performance

The performance of Forex Noki is demonstrated, as follows, on an exclusive FXPIG demo account as well as on a live account of the developers.


Backtests have been disabled by the developers.


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