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CabEX is an Expert Advisor that uses a more mid-term oriented trend following and retracement strategy. Trading signals are generated by price action if the required market conditions are confirmed by moving averages.

Initial take profit and stop loss limits are placed at 300 pips and 100 pips respectively. However, the stop loss is being adjusted to breakeven and subsequently increased in steps of 50 pips by a trailing stop when the market moves in favour of the open trade. The EA leaves room for open trades to avoid being stopped out by minor price movements.

CabEX provides a money management which allows the EA to use just a proportion of the account balance to make it easier to trade several EAs on one and the same account. It is also possible to trade with a fixed lot size. The additional trading parameters permit an adjustment of the take profit and stop loss limits used as well as of the settings for the trailing stop. Trading times can be set freely by entering start time and stop time parameters for the trading week. Open positions can be closed before the market closing to avoid weekend gaps.

Based on the backtests, CabEX achieves a risk-reward-ratio of almost 1:2 which combined with a hit ratio of about 50% represents a good value. Based on the relatively low hit ratio and taking into account the mid-term oriented trading strategy, extended drawdown periods have to be anticipated. Approximately 100 trades per year are to be expected.

A Monte-Carlo-Simulation, based on backtests, with a lot size of 0.05, a starting balance of EUR 1,000 and 100,000 iterations shows the following results for expected profits, expected drawdowns and the derived value at risk. Here the value at risk is expressed as the drawdown which is expected with a probability of 95% and 99% respectively not to be exceeded.

Period Profit Drawdown Value at Risk
max min Ø max min Ø 95% 99%
2009 - 2016 8,228.56 258.64 4,353.23 133.73% 2.56% 16.28% 37.54% 52.92%

Trading strategy

Trend following and retracement strategy.

Currency pairs




Trading hours

All sessions.
00:00 - 24:00 GMT


Subscription: USD 540 per year.
Payment through Avangate.
Voucher for a 20% discount: 6CDE598F45

Return policy

The developers do no grant a right to return.


The licence is valid for two live and two demo accounts and includes support and updates for one year. In order to receive updates for the purchase version after the first year, an annual update fee of USD 35 is payable. Support will still be available even if this update subscription is not used. Accounts have to be activated by the support for trading.


A brief online manual is available after purchase, explaining the installation and set up of CabEX as well as the input parameters.


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Live performance

The performance of CabEX is demonstrated, as follows, on an exclusive Darwinex Live account. The forward test on the Alpari UK account had to be discontinued due to the broker's insolvency.


CabEX backtests for the period 2009 - 2016 are shown below.

GBP/USD, spread: 2 pips, risk: 6%

CabEX - Backtesting GBPUSD 2009 - 2016

GBP/USD, spread: 2 pips, lots: 0.05

CabEX - Backtesting GBPUSD 2009 - 2016

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